Photoshop Projects

Projects ranging from very simple to fairly complex.


These tutorials will give you the basic skills you need to use Photoshop.

More Complex

Build on the skills you’ve developed to create more challenging works.

  • Frankenface Use layers, masks, and adjustment tools to create a mashup of multiple people.
  • Mutant Zoo Combine two (or more!) animals into an all-new creature!
  • Half Me, Half Monster Expand on the skills you learned from Frankenface and Mutant Zoo to replace half of your face- and the world behind it!
  • Bling! Use text, filters, and layers to build virtual jewelry.
  • Hollow Head Remove someone’s brain and replace it with whatever you like!
  • Big Me, Little Me Add a small version of yourself to an image.
  • Anaglyphs (3D) Use layers and channels to create an image that pops off the page.
  • GraveyardUse drawing tools and layers to create an image of a graveyard.
  • Image Traceuse drawing tools to trace an existing drawn image.
  • Face Trace A step above Image Trace. Create a drawing from a photograph.
  • Cartoon Drawing Effect other methods for tracing a photograph.
  • LEGO-style image Make a picture into bricks.
  • Animated flying through space Make a GIF of a rocket ship.
  • Animated Walk Cycle Make a smoothly repeating GIF of a person walking.

More Self-Guided

These projects assume you’ve had enough practice with Photoshop that you no longer need to be given every step of process.