Photography Project: Speed (Tv mode)

Your camera has many different modes. For this project, you will use the Tv mode.

Tv has nothing to do with television. Tv stands for “Time Value.” Tv mode lets you set the shutter speed, while the camera figures out your other settings.  As your shutter speed gets faster, your camera’s sensor will need more light to take a picture.

Supplies needed

  • a DSLR
  • a tripod
  • a friend who likes to run


Part I: Experiment

  • Set your camera up on the tripod
  • Compose a shot that has a clear running space (side to side, not toward the camera) in front of you.
  • Put your camera in Tv mode.
  • Set your camera for the fastest shutter speed you can. Remember, shutter speeds are shown in fractions! 1/100 is slower than 1/200. You want the largest denominator you can get.
  • Have your friend run from one side of the image to the other. When they are in the center of the image, take a picture.
  • Change the shutter speed to 1/30, and take another running picture.
  • Change to 1″ (1 second) and take a third running picture.

Compare the three images. What happens as the shutter speed gets slower?

Part II: Compose

Create two images that use shutter speed to show speed in your picture.

Part III: Submit

Turn in 5 pictures: your three experiments, and your two speed shots.