Photoshop/ Photopea Project: Half Me, Half Monster

There is a new version of this tutorial here.

Goal: Create a picture that is half normal, and half monster. Use the liquify tool to distort your face. Adjust the  hue and saturation  to give yourself monster skin. Attach parts using layers and masks. Change the background on one side to match your monstrous new look.

The video demonstrates using Photopea, but the instructions are nearly identical for Photoshop.

Some things you might add:

  • horns
  • scars
  • fangs
  • hair
  • clothing
  • hats
  • earrings
  • different eyes
  • more eyes

Here is a simple example image:

Look at the way the Photoshop document is put together to help you figure out how to make your image.

Some other projects to help you with this one:

Photoshop file: Half Person, Half Monster