Photoshop Tennis

Photoshop Tennis is a two (or more) person project. The goal is to make a detailed image with many elements that look like they belong in the image.

Select a start image. It should be something fairly open so there is space to work.

Add ONE thing to the image. Put all of your work in a new layer or group labeled with your name.

Save the file as a Photoshop image with and pass the file to the next player. The next player does the same thing- add one element to the image in a new layer or folder, then pass it to the next player.

and so on.

All participants should each turn in the final image. It should be a PSD file, and the layers or groups should be labeled with each player’s name, like this:

Each player should add AT LEAST three elements to the image. DO NOT WATCH EACH OTHER WHILE YOU WORK. The goal is to be surprised by what the other players add to the image.