Classroom Policies and Guidelines

Attendance and Tardies

Regular attendance is mandatory for learners to be successful in this class. You need to be in class to learn the content. Different teachers will have different requirements for attendance during distance learning; make sure you know what is expected by each teacher.

In my classes, attendance means:

  • You are present for each class.
  • You are present for the entire period until you are dismissed.
  • You are actively participating in class. I would love to see every student’s face, but I know that might not always work for you. If using a camera will not work for you, you can participate through the chat window.

When you are in class, you are expected to be working on projects and assignments for the class you are in. However, some projects may overlap with assignments you have in other classes. For example: You may have an assignment in your science class to create a video. In that case, you are absolutely allowed to work on the assignment in my class as long as it does not interfere with other work I have assigned. Bonus: digital media based assignments for other classes may be submitted as free projects in digital media as well!


It would be unreasonable to expect students to purchase the specialized materials required for class, and all work is submitted through Google Classroom. Therefore, no materials are required for class. Ample time will be provided for students to complete all assignments during class hours. However, if students have equipment of their own they wish to use at home, they may do so. Students may also bring school-appropriate props and equipment to school to use for their projects, but they are responsible for anything that happens to whatever they may bring.

Due Dates and Late Work

All student work will be turned in through Google Classroom. You will see the due date for each assignment in Classroom, so you will always know when work is due.

You must complete all assignments – that’s how you learn new things! Most assignments will have a due date the next week, but always check the date to make sure you will complete them on time.

Every once in a while you might not be able to complete an assignment on time. Don’t panic, it happens- but you still have to turn it in. If you do turn in work late, email me so I know you have turned it in! If you don’t email me, I won’t know you turned it in! There are no grade penalties for work turned in late, but unsubmitted work will negatively impact your progress report grade.

If a student has more than one late assignment, families and counselors will be asked to support the student. Students who are missing any assignments are required to contact me to get assistance.

Grading Policy

Keyboarding, Digital Media and ADM are project-based courses. Your grades will be based on the work you have submitted. Late work is always accepted, but it is advised that you email me if you are submitting work a significant time after the posted due date.

There is a huge range of skills and knowledge in these classes. I do not expect every student to become an exert in all forms of digital media. I do expect all students to work to improve their skills.

Behavior Expectations

Across our school, we have three Core Values that we use to guide our behavior. Values are ways of acting that a person believes are important. Our Core Values describe how we are expected to treat others and how we expect to be treated by others.

Students are expected to act with our values in mind at all times:
Respect, Excellence, and Community.

General Behavior Expectations

Students are expected to behave as they would in any classroom. General rules include:

  • Wearing your ID lanyard
  • Being in your seat when the bell rings
  • Listening without talking when the teacher is speaking
  • Being kind to everyone in the class
  • Asking for permission before leaving your seat during lecture
  • Only leaving the class with a pass

Media Lab Specific Behavior Expectations

  • Respect classroom equipment. The Media Lab has a lot of specialized and expensive equipment, a costume collection, and a prop collection. All of these items must be taken care of so other classes can use them.
  • Take care of the bathroom. The Media Lab is the only classroom on campus with a bathroom. If you use it, do not make a mess. If keeping the bathroom clean becomes an issue, it will be locked.
    You can use the class bathroom without asking permission, but you cannot use it during a lecture or in the last five minutes of class. If you are in the bathroom when class starts, you will be marked tardy.
  • Follow the rules for food and drink. Bring a bottle if you want water. There are sinks in the lab, so no one needs to leave the room to get a drink or refill a bottle. No water bottles at the computers!
    Food should be eaten outside the lab unless you are given specific permission to eat in the room. Food is never allowed at the computers.

Remember: Your work in the Media Lab is a reflection of you, and you are amazing.