Photoshop Project: Spot the differences


Create two slightly different versions of the same image.


  • Find or take a start image. A good start image will have lots of details that you can change, but won’t be so detailed that finding the differences will be impossible.
  • Crop the image so that it fits into one of the two templates attached below.
    • Set the crop tool to “W x H x Resolution”
    • If your picture is wider than it is tall (landscape format), crop your image to 977px x 564px, 150 pixels per inch.
    • If your picture is taller than it is wide (portrait format), crop your image to 640px x 828px, 150 pixels per inch.
  • Download and open the correct template in Photoshop.
    • If your picture is in landscape format, use
      “spot the differences template (landscape images).psd”
    • If your picture is in portrait format, use
      “spot the differences template (portrait images).psd”
  • Use the move tool to copy and position your start image in the first position on the template.
  • Press command-J to make a duplicate of the start image.
  • Use the move tool position the duplicate in the second position on the template.
  • Make changes to the duplicate image. Make at least six changes. Make sure they are large enough to see, but not too easy. Some ideas:
    • add something new
    • remove something
    • move something to a new place
    • change colors
  • Change the fonts. Make sure they are readable!
  • Change the number symbol at the bottom to  tell the viewer how many changes to find.
  • Change “First Last” to your name.
  • Change the background. You can use a solid color, a gradient, or an image.


spot the differences template (portrait images)

spot the differences template (landscape images)


The six differences, and how I made them

If you look at the Photoshop file for the sample, you’ll see that I made almost ever change by adding it to a new layer. That lets me easily change or remove the differences.

  1. Removed the pyramid (in the background, on your left).
    Made a new layer.
    Selected the clone tool.
    Set the tool to copy all layers.
    Held down option and selected the area to copy.
    Painted over the pyramid.
  2. Added a blue ring to the pole (in the background, on your left).
    Done the same way as the pyramid.
  3. Switched the colors of the pattern on the Pink Ranger’s left hand.
    Used the polygonal lasso to select the original pattern.
    Pressed command-J to jump a copy of the selection to a new layer.
    Used the transform command (command-T) to rotate and reshape the pattern.
  4. Turned the White Ranger’s chest symbol upside down.
    Done the same way as the Pink Ranger’s glove.
  5. Changed the color of the Yellow Ranger’s Mouth.
    Selected the area around the Yellow Ranger’s mouth.
    Used Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation to change her mouth color
  6. Added a staff in the White Ranger’s hands.
    Found a picture of a staff.
    Masked out the staff from the background.
    Added it as a new layer.
    Used transform (command-T) to make the staff the right size and in the right position.
    Masked off the area that would be behind the White Ranger’s thumbs.

Photoshop file of sample image: spot the differences sample