Mr. Gattuso

Hello! I’m Luke Gattuso. I run the Media Lab at Luther.

I’ve been working with computers for four decades. I am old. My first contact with computers was when I was in sixth grade.  I bubbled Fortran programs onto optical mark cards that my teacher sent off in school mail to “the computer,” which I never saw. A day or two later I would get back a printout showing me how the program didn’t quite work, and I’d fix my errors and send the program back. After two or three (or eight or ten) tries, I’d get my working printout of the Fibonacci sequence, or sorted numbers, or squared numbers or primes or something. It sounds like a long and painful process now, but in 1975 it was magic. That’s why we’re converting the computer lab to an all punch-card system.

I kid. I’m kidding. I am a kidder. Our computer lab is full of Apple Macintosh machines. This might worry those of you who use Windows based computers at home, but it shouldn’t. It’s easy to jump from one platform to another. In fact, I’m writing on a Windows machine right now. But I digress.

I’m well versed in the workings of the Adobe and Microsoft application suites. I have a ton of hands-on experience using them to create multiple types of digital media, and it’s always exciting to share my knowledge with my students and see what new discoveries they make.

I have some personal web sites, all of which are woefully out of date:

  • If you’d like to see an unsorted stream of my pictures, visit my flickr page.
  • is my catch-all site. Everything I do should be linked to from there. It isn’t, but it should be.
  • was my first web site. It’s where I throw my ideas for silly web pages.
  • is my “teacher” web site.
  • is where I promote myself as a photographer. It is a very sleepy site these days.