What should I use to record my movie?

What Camera Should I Use?

You can use any camera that records video to make a movie. ANY camera, including your phone. Professional full-length movies have been shot entirely on iPhones! However, dedicated cameras (cameras that are only cameras) will usually have some features that make your recording look and sound better.  If you are going to record sound, try and get a camera that will let you attach a microphone that s more sensitive than the one built into the camera.


Out of the equipment we have , the DSLRs that can record video will get the best images. Most of them will allow you to attach an external microphone, which can greatly improve the sound.

Video camera

Our video cameras will take very nice video, but they will not allow you to attach an external microphone.


Your phone will also work as a camera, and some will let you use our microphones as well! Remember: you are only to use your phone as a media recording and transfer device on campus. No calls, no texts, no social media!

Your phone is also a great way to get a second angle while filming. Another trick you can do with your phone: Use it as a microphone! Put it close to the action but out of sight, then sync it with your other camera. Magic!

What other Equipment can I use?


A tripod is a very valuable tool for many shots. A tripod gets rid of camera jitter and shake. Holding the camera in your hand is faster, but attaching it to a tripod almost always makes a shot look more professional.

External Microphone

If you are going to be capturing sound from your takes, you’ll be much happier with your sound if you use a better microphone than the one on the camera. We have two different kinds of mics.

Boom mics are on long sticks. They let you get much closer to the action, but they require a boom operator – someone to hold the mic.

We also have mics that attach to the camera. They aren’t as effective as the boom mics, but they are pretty good and don’t require an extra person to hold the mic.

Other Specialty Equipment

Sometimes the only way to get a shot is by holding the camera, but this often leads to shaky images. There is a special camera grip that you can attach to your camera that will make those movements less shaky.

If you need to shoot a moving shot, you can use the wheelchair. The camera operator sits in the chair, and another person moves him into position. The wheelchair is not a toy. You should only be sitting in it if you are about to film a shot.