Microsoft Word Project: Word House

Note: You cannot do this project online. It will only work with the full application.

GOAL: Create a drawing of a house using the tools in Microsoft Word. Your house should look something like the sample.


Open Word. Create a new blank document. Choose View>One Page.

Draw the grass and sky.

  • Choose Insert> Shapes and select the rectangle.
  • Draw a rectangle for the sky.
  • Draw a second rectangle for the ground.
  • Change the color of the ground to green.
  • Select the scribble tool. Draw the mountains. Color them brown.
  • Select the scribble tool again to create snow on the mountains. color it white.
  • Use the scribble tool again to make clouds.
  • Find the sun shape. Add a sun in the corner. Use gradient fill to make it yellow in the center and orange on the edges.
  • If you need to, change the order of the shapes by sending them forward or backward.

Group the background

  • Click the sky.
  • Control-click the grass. Both the grass and sky will be selected.
  • Control-click the other parts of the image.
  • Select group.

Draw the house.

  • Draw a rectangle for the body of the house. Color it red.
  • Draw a triangle for the roof. Color it gray.
  • Add a door and windows.
  • Add a doorknob.
  • Add a chimney. Use pattern fill to give it a brick pattern.
  • Group the house.

Draw a tree.

  • Use the scribble tree to draw the tree and leaves.
  • Color them correctly.
  • Group the tree.
  • Make a copy of the tree.

Add more details.

  • A sidewalk, a street, a picket fence, a doghouse… whatever you want!


Word document: Word House Sample