The Lab Needs YOU!

We’re very lucky to have an amazing media lab at LBMS. We just refreshed all of our lab computers, we have multiple green screens for chroma key video production, and we have some very nice video and DSLR cameras. But all of that technology requires upkeep to keep it in excellent working condition. Your help goes a long way toward keeping the Media Lab in top shape.

There will be some Donors Choose fundraisers during the year, but you don’t have to wait; you can donate today! Donations can be new or gently used. Things we can use:

  • Money –  cash donations allow for maximum flexibility of your donation. 100% of the money you designate for the lab will be spent on supplies and upkeep.
  • Computer Technology –  If you’d like to donate some equipment or software, contact me at We can use large items (like computers and printers) and smaller items (USB thumb drives, mice, external DVD/Blu-Ray drives).
  • Camera/Video equipment – DSLRs, lights, tripods, microphones & mic stands, film dollies, reflectors… anything that could be used for production.
  • Supplies – We can always use more paper and toner! Also: Markers, pens, poster paper. If you’d like to supply toner for us, contact me!
  • Costumes – Our digital media classes often create short videos. We have a small costume collection that they draw from, but we can use more! School-appropriate costumes, of course.
  • Props –  Plastic dishes, utensils, magic wands, rubber snakes, teddy bears, barbells… anything that might be useful for a film. No weapons, please!
  • Books – Age-appropriate titles, please!
  • Something Else? – Is there something I didn’t mention here that you think we can use? Contact me and we’ll figure it out!

Thank you for your support. Your donations make our lab an amazing place to learn.

Mr. G