Welcome to Advanced Digital Media!

ADM is a year-long class for 7th and 8th grade students. The semester long Digital Media class is not a prerequisite, but is recommended. Advanced Digital Media covers all of the topics of Digital Media in greater detail, with a focus on digital video production. ADM will cover plotting, scripting, storyboarding, and video composition. Learners will use their skills to create a television show for the student body.

ADM is a projects-based course. Learners will have enough time to complete all standard projects during class hours. However, some special assignments may require students to record after-school activities.

Burbank Unified School District provides home versions of the Microsoft Office Suite for all learners. However, BUSD does not provide any hardware or graphics software.  There is some video equipment available for overnight and weekend use.

All assignments will be submitted to Google Classroom.  

Remember: If you don’t turn a project in through Google Classroom, you will not get credit for your work!

Your learner will always be able to show you every assignment they have received, all work they have turned in, and all work that has been graded on Google Classroom. Assignments will also be entered into the Aeries grade book as graded, but there will be a delay between Google Classroom and Aeries. Please check Google Classroom first!